Magic 15% — Unlocking the EOSIO Blockchain

Shaky start

It hadn’t gone perfectly smoothly up to now. The first BIOS Boot node tried to launch at 6:15 PM Eastern, but they’d rushed the snapshot. The tokens had only been frozen at 6 PM Eastern (22:00 UTC). Their hash of the snapshot didn’t match the hash derived by their launch partners.

EOS focused media

EOS Go were partnered with their Chinese language counterparts IMEOS to host a couple of Live Stream video channels. They had various people on to comment as the night (or morning, depending on one’s location) wore on, speaking from EOS Meetup launch parties and BPs’ offices around the globe. I listened with half an ear, impressed once more by the EOS community, but focused on monitoring the vote.

DDoS and phishing attacks

By now we’d had:

  • Several DDOS attacks on various BP candidates.
  • The usual phishing and fake airdrop announcements had come, gone, and come again.
  • Some fake chains were proclaimed, and one even appeared to have been launched, albeit with a totally fake token distribution, and none of its block producers were recognizable.


Then at 7:22 PM Eastern the Mainnet indisputably launched. A new BIOS Boot node, run by a different BP candidate, had gotten everything right. The Boot node, having created the initial chain and named 21 Appointed BPs (ABPs), handed over the keys and dropped out. (The Boot node operator, now a little bit famous, rejoined the pool of regular BP candidates.)

Elected BPs take over

The elected BPs were even messier at first, as each early round saw a different set of top 21 vote getters being voted in to produce a round, only to be outvoted 2:06 later by a different group. Not enough voters had shown up yet for a pattern to emerge. Even a few new votes totally changed the early results.

Waiting to unlock

That was all nearly four hours ago. Here at 11 PM, the current top 21 BPs are fairly stable, and had been for the last 90 minutes. The blocks are coming fast and sure. Votes are continuing to come in as more and more token holders connect.

How EOS Unlocks

I text back: “Read the email I’m about to send you.”





President of Becoming a Best Boss Training & Coaching

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Thomas B. Cox

Thomas B. Cox

President of Becoming a Best Boss Training & Coaching